In an effort to avoid shadow-IT & have many different departments initiate their own initiatives with different vendors, the shared services team of Galapagos decided to take matters into their own hands & come up with a company wide automation strategy. Our mission was to help them shape that strategy in under 5 days - which we did & kickstart its implementation.

The Challenge

5 days to come up with a strategy

Galapagos is a complex organisation with a lot of specific needs. A big focus on compliance is a non-negotiable for example. Like in any big organisation, when there is no common vision around a specific topic - a lot of competing and sometimes even clashing views emerge. Shadow-IT is a consequence of this. Our mission at Galapagos was to come with a concrete, overarching & carried strategy when it comes to their automation efforts. This in under 5 days with a go/nogo presentation from the steerco.

The Approach

Contextualizing the strategy

The first step was to get as good an understanding as possible of the current situation. We spent the first days doing interviews with people across the entire organisation. Very quickly the departments that already tried to implement a couple of use-cases emerged. The importance of compliance was re-stated. From this we created a top-down narrative on how we would combine people, process & technology in a way that would work for Galapagos. We filled in that top-down narrative with concrete use-cases that had already been initiated and presented a strategy on how to intelligently uncover & integrate more. This, in combination with a vendor study, was presented to the steerco.

The Result

Digital Innovation Owner Continues to Engage

The Go was given & the project is still ongoing in line with the presented strategy. We currently have a digital innovation owner uncovering, analyzing & guiding the first projects.