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Digital Evolution Strategist

Digital Evolution Strategist


Our Digital Evolution & Innovation Strategists play a key role in our objective of inspiring, engaging & evolving people and their organisations to achieve more of what matters with digital innovations. Our strategists drive innovation at our clients by bringing the future into the present in a humanly understandable way - ensuring alignment, keeping the vision sharp and impactful & taking away fears of the unknown as well as increasing confidence in the "new". Each individual strategist leads the execution of the use-cases they uncover together with our digital evolution coaches - steering the day-to-day efforts of our digital evolution analysts & closely collaborating with our digital evolution owners who steer the work of our implementation partners.


  • You have strong business and leadership skills
  • A sharp understanding of how certain digital innovations (such as for ex. AI, Hyper-automation technologies, (Big) Data,...) can be used to drive business.
  • Strong storyteller skills and the ability to deliver a message with impact.
  • Excellent negotiating and influencing skills to deal with conflicting priorities and ambiguity.
  • Ability to lead a group of colleagues (2-4) on a day to day basis to collaborate with business teams in delivering value from digital innovation projects
  • A strong background management consulting is a (big) plus, with valued skillset incl. slide writing, business cases, prioritization, project management, stakeholder management, written communication and presentation skills (pyramid principle)
  • You have a can-do mentality, an agile mindset and experience with dealing with change in an organization.
  • You speak English and Dutch fluently. French is definitely a plus!


  • You drive the execution of key topics to turn digital evolution & innovation strategies into reality in close collaboration with business stakeholders, taking a leading role towards your analyst & owner colleagues in the topic
  • You provide direction by bringing clarity on WHAT the team needs to deliver and WHY this has to happen in the broader client context
  • You support topic identification and prioritization of use cases, i.e. you work closely with our clients' business leaders to identify and prioritize problems that can be solved through the application of digitally innovative technologies
  • You proactively drive prioritization, ensure alignment and manage expectations with all involved stakeholders, including business stakeholder and client leadership
  • You proactively support, challenge, and inspire business teams by broadening their perspective and showing the possibilities that exist in the world of digital innovation
  • You make sure that we invest our client's resources wisely and to the greatest benefit of our client

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