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Our objective is to help you envision your brightest future & build for it.
That's what digital evolution is about.
In three steps...

01. We inspire

See, hear & feel your future

What made you decide to go to the caribbean for your last holiday? Was it the pictures of the white sandy beaches? The thought of a cocktail on the beach? Or the tan men & women walking around in swimwear?

Before we decide to go somewhere, we want to have somewhat of an idea of what that might look like and whether that image is appealing to us. That's no different for our technology journey.

In the inspire phase we have an entire offering built around giving you the tools to create a sneak peek into YOUR future. Not just those high-level, industry wide projections that you find in the big consultancy firms' free reports. But, concrete, for you, an answer to what could your digitally evolved organisation look like in 3 years. 

Our Offering

Workshops - Our set of workshops range from an operational workshop redesigning your procure 2 pay process to run more efficiently to a strategic workshop where we outline your strategy for enterprise wide intelligent automation.
Keynotes - Our keynotes range from a company wide inspirational keynote on the impact of digital innovations in your industry to a strategic keynote for management on  principles to consider when it comes to evolving your organisation with digital innovations.

Value Discovery Tracks - These are specifically designed, custom tracks with the aim of initiating wider momentum for your entire organisation around automation. This is for clients who are ready to kick their digital evolution flywheel into motion.

02. We engage

Digital Evolution Flywheels
- Building Meaningful Momentum

Once you've got an idea of where you want to go - you start undertaking a set of actions that will surely bring you closer to your goal. Sure, you could go to the caribbean with a rowing boat - but a plane is probably the better option here.

Impactful Innovation rarely happens in one fell swoop. Rather it's a series of small successes that strategically build on one another. We want to sync people, process & technology in such a way that we can build meaningful momentum through that series of small successes. Getting to where we want to go, no-one left behind, step by step & with the most efficient resource allocation possible. That's what the flywheel approach is all about.

Observe to Orient

Every single flywheel iteration starts with an observe phase. This is where we map out the current processes through (business) analysis, interviews & workshops. Our aim here is to get a clear view on how the current "holy trinity" (people, process & technology) constellation is made up.

Questions we answer here: What processes are running sub-optimally? What are people's greatest sources of frustration? What role does technology play in your organisation today? ...

Orient to Decide

Once we get a clear view of the current constellation, our digital evolution strategists & owners get to work to paint a picture of how digital evolutions will make the difference for your people & processes. This is where we draw up the business cases, make tangible how the experience will be impacted and align those with (y)our most important impact vectors such as feasibility, desirability, impact, cost, etc through minimum effective dose experiments.

Questions we answer here: What is possible with the currently available stack of innovative technologies? Which ones directly impact some of our previously uncovered grievances? What priorities do we have? What is feasible? What is desirable? What impact do we want to have with these solutions? ...

Decide to Act

We now have a set of initiatives or processes that align with our impact vectors and have passed our basic set of assumption tests. For each of these initiatives our digital evolution owner sets up a technical backlog that we can then start implementing in our first couple of sprints. This will give a very detailed view of the estimated effort - which then gives you the final go/no-go decision.

Questions we answer here: What do we need to get started? What is the final estimated effort to start building in order to start having meaningful business impact? Can we re-prioritize certain features/processes? What should we drop? 

Act to Observe

Throughout the entire implementation phase both our strategist & our owner stay involved. Making sure that we get from concept to business impact no matter what. You can count on our strategist to guard the business vision while our owner considers the right tradeoffs in line with the previously set out business vision, aligns all stakeholders & deals with any unexpected circumstances. Once the projects are delivered, we use what we learned in this iteration to accelerate the momentum even further. Only the next iteration will be faster, bigger & therefore even better.

Questions we answer here:  What might be roadblocks on our path? How can we mitigate those? What are we learning that can help us accelerate momentum? What is(n't) working? What do we need to keep everyone aligned? 

03. We evolve

Doers who think & thinkers who do

What if we told you that this trip to the caribbean would be your last trip ever. You'd be sad right? How about the opposite - you learn everything you've learned from setting up that last trip, automate as much of it as possible & work to create a lifestyle that allows you to leave at any point you'd like.

That's what we offer through our evolve services. We want to help you set up everything that makes digital evolution second nature to your organisation. You'll get to run your own flywheels from the inside out & we've got the implementation partners to help you accelerate lined up.

From data to custom AI-models, from SOLID to Blockchain & of course hyper automation - as part of the Cronos ecosystem we have direct access to 7000+ implementation specialists in a heartbeat. Best part, our official partners know exactly how these flywheels work - which makes for no time lost aligning.

Our Offering

Custom Digital Evolution Coaching Tracks - in these tracks, our aim is to help you streamline how you design, test & implement your digitally innovative projects. We'll help you set up the most impactful governance structure for your organisation all the way to how to run value discovery workshops, you'll get access to our template library and much more - helping you to continuously keep asking the right questions to keep digitally evolving.

We're down for walks, talks & everything in between.
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