European Council

The European Council & its staff play a crucial part in brokering negotiations & collaboration between the different European Institutions. Emerging Technologies have impact across the entire European project - from the institutions, all the way to its citizens. We help foster foresight & tangible experience with the implementation of those technologies today that will make all the difference tomorrow.

Our mission at the GSC

A mission that is twofold

To ensure its long-term relevance, the GSC created a digital transformation team, which works with stakeholders across the organization to develop a shared long-term vision on its core business and supporting services. Emerging Technologies play an unmistakably important role in that long term vision. In that light, our mission at the GSC is twofold: On the one hand, we research and write blueprints around emerging technologies such as A.I., Blockchain,... in which we describe the (potential) impact of these technologies on the entire European project top level. We translate this down to what this then means for the GSC including recommendations on how to start making these technologies tangible & valuable within their own organisation. On the other, we contribute to the conceptual creation of a hub that is to foster better & more inter-institutional collaboration around these Emerging Technologies that are shifting playgrounds of all kinds.

Blueprint Definitions

Growth Through Insights

The objective of our blueprints is to provide foresightful opportunities for growth: through insight around these Emerging Technology concepts, their positive & negative (socio-economic) implications as well as concrete steps to get started creating value with them, bring an ability to anticipate & grow through insight to the European societal table. New visions, ideas, paradigms that inspire people from all layers of society to join in and build: blueprints that empower to go from (potentially) hindsight dwellers to foresight pioneers. A couple of the paper topics that have been worked on: Employee/Civic engagement, digital sovereignty, gigantism (how can Europe be less dependent of the big American corporations?), getting started with AI, socio economic impact of AI,...

Outreach & Collaboration

Stronger Together

As a second part to our mission at the GSC, we contribute to the creation of a (conceptual) hub that allows for the bringing together & integration of different stakeholder perspectives & efforts (academia, startups, policy-makers, the institutions themselves,…). The hub has a basic idea at its core: we stand stronger together - but for that everyone needs to have a basic form of alignement. In that light we help design infrastructure (collaboration protocols, spaces & modus operandi), activities (workshops & keynotes) & tools (blueprints to discuss, innovation labs,...) that ensure basic levels of common understanding. This way, both technical & non-technical stakeholders can understand & contribute to a crystallised view on EmTech concepts and their tangible (future) impact. I.a. the hub helps to avoid blind spots, align views on different Emerging Technologies & makes sure that we can provide a stimulating, fruitful environment to innovate for the better, together.