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Technology is driving change at an exponentially accelerating pace. This, "change" - this opportunity to do things differently, is a valuable thing. Our question to you is: what do you want to do with it?

We, the people of humain, want to grab that technology enabled opportunity for change and envision the world’s brightest future with it - before it become a pressing necessity. And then, we build for it. If you too are someone who is willing to make the future happen instead of letting the future happen to them - then join us.

The Humain overarching vision is one of a purpose economy - where 100% of people are emotionally engaged in what they do. We envision a world where life is exciting, deeper & more humane. Every single idea we help go from concept to business impact aims to allow people to be their most magnificent selves.

Change is a superpower,
if you know how to wield it.

Here’s how we, the people of Humain,
intend to wield that superpower.

We find the human story first
- then that of technology follows.

Although we’re backed by 7000+ technical builders (the Cronos group), we believe in finding the human story first. For us, it’s about using innovative technologies in order to innovate the human experience. This is why we focus on humanising technology by sketching the functionally enabling story in support of the emotionally compelling one with the latter one always taking front & centre stage.

That means concretely
Storytelling is a key component of how we operate - it is at the very core of how we inspire, engage & evolve organizations.

We bring methods to madness, science to art
- ànd madness to methods, art to science.

We’re a collection of dreamers who build and builders who dream. We’ve got our head in the clouds but feet on the ground. We’re rooted in technological knowhow yet pulled by visions that push the possible. We know when to let chaos reign and when to reign it in with structure & best practices. We know how to creatively destroy in order to best good with magnificent.

That means concretely
We always work from a “yes, and” perspective. No idea is too crazy or deemed non-feasible until proven otherwise.

We appreciate what we have
- but never settle.

We believe in iteration, flywheels, cycles. Continuously, restlessly searching for better. In seeing the worth of something through what it could be rather than what it is. We understand that life is an ever computing equation and we’re the ones providing the input. Our questions today yield the world of tomorrow. That’s why we’re the ones who tirelessly keep asking the questions to which the answer is a simpler, more meaningful human life.

That means concretely
We use methodologies that accounts for the risk that comes with needing to start over, try again and creatively destroy.

We truly believe the best way to predict the future
- is to create it.

We are not your academic research firm that will do 20 market studies with 70 segments to determine whether or not that product you’d like to launch stands a chance. We’re the firms that’s intertwined with the people that get their hands dirty building the apps, data-architectures & operating systems designing the way we go about our lives tomorrow. Instead of asking, what world you want to live in we ask you if the one that we drew for you here is the one you’d like. We’re the guys that come up with the cars when the world is screaming for faster horses.

That means concretely
We get our hands dirty as quickly as possible. We have lots and lots and lots of ideas. We draw pictures. Design objects. Anything that will help us get the vision in our heads on the retinas of our eyes.

We understand what won't change today
- and see how that might change everything tomorrow.

We are first principle thinkers. We believe that things that won’t change should be the foundations on which impactful change is built. Today, users want intuitive, frictionless experiences. Tomorrow user-input is a design flaw. Today, fossil fuels are depletable. Tomorrow all energy sources are renewable. 

That means concretely
In everything we do - from our workshop to our rapports, from idea to implementation - we look to build from foundational, irrefutable human emotions & truths.

We believe in combining perspectives by design in order to co-create a world that works for everyone.

True creativity, innovation & disruption does not happen in an ivory tower. This, we know. That is why we’re restlessly, actively seeking for different perspectives. Different ideas. Different ways to say the same thing. Only then can we get to a world that works for everyone.
With an agile, iterative mindset.

That means concretely
That our methods are designed for non-conformity. They are designed with the celebration of our different perspectives in mind.

We believe in growth by insight
so we can avoid growth by pain.

We believe fostering evolution in an organisation can be done in two ways: Kensho or Satori. Kensho is growth by pain. Satori is growth by insight. When evolution happens out of Kensho, it often pales in comparison to the struggle that preceded it. First come failed projects, unhappy employees, partners, outmanoeuvres by the market or competitors or even a moment of staring bankruptcy in the face and only then change happens.

The other option is Satori. Here, as Marc Andreesen put it in his brilliant blogpost, ‘It’s time to build’, we imagine a future and build for it before it becomes a pressing necessity: evolution becomes a conscious choice, a proactive demonstration of sparkling ingenuity – human kind at its most magnificent.

As Humain, we bring Satori to the table, growth through insights. New visions, ideas, paradigms that inspire people from all layers of your organisation to join in and build: From hindsight dwellers to foresight pioneers.

That means concretely
We’re not afraid to bring the out of the box ideas to the table, but we do so with a clear, structured narrative that we believe in. We know we can bend reality if the reality is worth believing in.

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