Important Food Retailer

Together with our Intelligent Automation Implementation partner RoboRana we are shaping, guiding & implementing an important food retailer's Intelligent Automation strategy for the next 3 years.

The Challenge

17 FTE over 3 years

There had been a couple of reorganisations which had taken away significant capacity in certain departments. The mission was therefore to make up for that difference as much as possible to remove as much non-value add, tedious, repetitive work through intelligent automation as possible. The target was set at 17 FTE over 3 years across the entire organisation.

Putting the flywheel in motion

Quick Wins

We started with our custom 2-4 week value discovery track. This track has a set rhythm of workshops on Monday, The objective here is to get a deep understanding (observe phase of the flywheel) of the current situation in order to move from the observe to the orient phase. At the end of this value discovery track we had, together with the 8 retailer-side people involved in the workshops, identified 22 total processes with a potential projected gain of 12 FTE's in the first year. Of those 12, 6FTE's were quick win projects.

Accelerate the flywheel

Big Wins

The other 6FTE's were processes that require an extra deep dive with often a complete process & business re-design as a result. One example was a person doing one repetitive task every morning for 45 minutes before going on the road involving SAP & Excel. The quick win would be to automate that single process - however we asked the question of what the overarching objective is and in that light we came to the conclusion that within the true goal, there were other solutions possible that would make that process obsolete and triple the time, efficiency and money gain.