Global Leader Life Sciences

Automation is revolutionising industries, and a global leader in life sciences sought to harness its potential. However, their employees lacked the necessary end-to-end overview of processes across their many business and IT applications. Realising that they needed an external party to assist with their automation efforts, they approached the experts at Humain.

Dual Approach to Succes

The services we offered can be divided into two sections. We started our automation coaching service by developing an automation playbook, giving them the tools and templates to start building an automation backlog of processes and initiatives. This showed them how they could uncover valuable ideas for automation. Concurrently, we assisted them practically implement intelligent solutions, using invoice handling as a pilot project to illustrate the potential of automation. Both projects happened in parallel, so we could use input from either side to finetune the other.

From Pilot to Progress

Based on the lessons learned from the pilot project, we expanded the playbook. We tailored our initial tools and templates, focusing on process intakes, defining and categorising automation potential, high-level mapping of processes, setting up a business case, and choosing the right technologies. To scale the initiative, we set up a discovery workshop to fill the automation backlog. In a two-hour ideation session for over 100 employees, we inspired them by talking about how automation and AI can contribute to an autonomous enterprise. We also made it possible for employees to submit and validate their ideas online using our provided tools and templates.

Ready, Set, Automate

Our client now has an extensive catalog filled with automatable tasks and processes. These use cases span a wide range of technologies from Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to generative AI, advanced analytics, and smart workflow solutions. With the right knowledge and a clear list of tasks, they can continue their ambitions worldwide and reach the next level of automation maturity.