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AI Adoption Coach

AI Adoption Coach


Do your eyes sparkle when you hear about the latest AI developments? But equally important: do you roll your eyes when you notice that AI technology is being used to solve non-existent business problems or when there are other solutions that are a better fit for a particular business challenge? Are you in favor of an AI-only approach, but do you get energy from actually making AI technology scalable within organizations? Then you might be the AI Adoption Coach we are looking for! In this role you help position and frame AI for our customers and translate this into concrete (and the right!) initiatives in the field of digital evolution.


  • Understanding of the business models and (often complex) business processes at our customers
  • Understanding of how AI innovations (& other digital inovations) can be used to drive business value
  • Strong communication and presentation skills and the ability to deliver a message with impact
  • You pay attention to important aspects such as security, privacy and ethics when building (data) solutions
  • You have a can-do mentality, an agile mindset and experience with dealing with change in an organization
  • You are familiar with data and AI fundamentals and are able to act as a bridge between our customers and the (technical) AI squad
  • You know what it takes to scale data and AI initiatives (It takes more than a GPT model)
  • A background in management consulting and/or in project/program management is a plus
  • You speak English and Dutch fluently. French is definitely a plus!


  • You drive the execution of key topics to turn AI strategies into reality in close collaboration with business stakeholders,
  • You provide direction by bringing clarity on WHAT the team needs to deliver and WHY this has to happen in the broader client context
  • You support topic identification and prioritization of AI use cases, i.e. you work closely with our clients' business leaders to identify and prioritize problems that can be solved through the application of (AI) technologies
  • You proactively drive prioritization, ensure alignment and manage expectations with all involved stakeholders, including business stakeholder and client leadership
  • You proactively support, challenge, and inspire business teams by broadening their perspective and showing the possibilities that exist in the world of AI innovations